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Standard setting global and other areas


 Convention on biological Diversity (1992).pdf

Ecofys (2009) Summary of approaches to accounting for indirect impacts of biofuel production.pdf

 Faaij & Lewandowski (2006) Certification system sustainabale bio-energy trade, Copernicus Institute.pdf

 FAO-GBEP (2007) Bioenergy Development in G8+5 Countries.pdf

FOEE and FOE NL (2010) Too Green to be True, IOI in West Kalimantan.pdf

 Groom, Gray and Townsend (2008) Principles for creating better policies for biofuel production, Conservation Biology.pdf

 Hansson (2000) Indicators of biodiversity, BEAR.pdf

Hausmann, Wagner (2009) Certification strat, industrial dev and global market.pdf

Hennenberg et al (2009) The Power of Bioenergy-Related Standards to Protect Biodiversity.pdf

ISO (2010) Criteria bioenergy PC 248 Resolutions 1rst meeting April.pdf

IUCN (2008) Implementing sust bioenergy projects, tools and approaches.pdf

 IUCN (2004) GMOs and Biosafety.pdf

 IUCN ELC (2003) Biosafety-Explanatory Guide to Cartagena Protocol.pdf

 Moret et al (2006) Sustainability criteria and indicators for bioenergy, FBOMS, Brazil.pdf

 NPWG 2009 Detailed Process Flow for_ New Plantings Procedure.doc

 OEKO_IFUE (2009) Sustainable bioenergy current status and outlook.pdf

 OEKO (2006) Sustainability Standards for Bioenergy.pdf

 OEKO, RSB, CI, UNEP et al (2008) Criteria and indicators to identify and map HCVAs.pdf

 OEKO, RSB, UNEP et al (2008) Degraded land and sustainable bioenergy feedstock production.pdf

 RFF (2005) Forest Certification - Towards Common Standards.pdf

 RSB (2008) Background paper technologies.pdf

 RSB (2008) Version Zero_Global principles and criteria for sustainable biofuels production.pdf

RSB (2009) Principles & Criteria for sustainable biofuel production.pdf

 RSPO (2007) Certification systems.pdf

RTRS (2010) Biofuels (RED) briefing.ppt

 SA-Gov (2006) Draft biofuels industrial strategy.pdf

 SCOPE (2009) Govt Policies & Drivers World Biofuels Sust Criteria Proposals & Limitations.pdf

 SCS (2007) US Food-fiber-biofuel sustainable agriculture practice standard.pdf

 UNEP (2007) Developing Standards and Criteria for Sustainable Biomass Production.pdf

 Van Marwijk & Biox (2007) Towards sustainable jatropha - proposal.pdf

 Verdonk, Faaij & Dieperink (2006) Governance bioenergy markets, Energy Policy.pdf

 WBGU (2009) Bioenergy Factsheet.pdf 


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