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Sustainable energy alternatives



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Bioenergy is only one option among the several types of renewable energy. With all the research and debates that are coming forth, more and more fingers point toward alternative sources of renewable energy as more sustainable options. Promising alternatives seem solar energy and wind energy, but also alternative uses of biomass such as biogas.


We here provide some very basic information on such alternative energy technologies and would obviously encourage contributions with useful links and documents.



Alternativas de Energía Sostenible



La bioenergía es sólo una opción entre los varios tipos de energía renovable. Con todas las investigaciones y los debates que están llegando constantemente, cada vez se señala más hacia fuentes alternativas de energía renovable como las opciones más sostenibles. Alternativas prometedoras parecen ser la energía solar y la eólica, aunque también usos alternativos de biomasa tales como el biogas.

Aquí brindamos algo de información muy básica en esas tecnologías alternativas y agradeceríamos nos envíen sus contribuciones con links y documentos que puedan resultar útiles.



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Energy technology factsheets (UNEP):

 UNEP () Energy technology fact sheet - wind power.pdf

 UNEP () Energy technology fact sheet - solar thermal.pdf

 UNEP () Energy technology fact sheet - solar photovoltaic.pdf

 UNEP () Energy technology fact sheet - geothermal.pdf

 UNEP () Energy technology fact sheet - small scale hydro power.pdf


Useful documents:

 Bergsma et al (2008) Alternative tot biofuels - more sustainability at lower cost, CE Delft.pdf

CE Delft (2010) green-power-for-electric-cars.pdf

CE Delft (2009) New roads for transport .pdf

Cuellar and Webber (2008) Cow Power Biogass.pdf

 DFID, Ashden Awards (2008) Scaling up low carbon energy for the poor.pdf

FAO et al (2009) Small Scale Bioenergy Initiatives, case studies.pdf

 Helio (2007) Assessment of energy and ecosystem resilience in Africa.pdf

 Hoogwijk (2004) Global and regional potential of renewable energy sources (Thesis Utrecht).pdf

Jacobson and Deluchi (2009) Path to sustainable energy by 2030, Scientific American, November.pdf

 Johannson et al (2004) Potentials for renewable energy - renewables 2004 background paper.pdf


Links to other web-based info sources 


General websites on solar and wind energy:


Greenpowerconferences/renewablesmarkets - upcoming events + documentation on renewables such as wind and solar energy


CRESESB: portuguese website of the Brazilian reference centre for solar and wind energy, with documents, upcoming events, and links


NREL/solar and NREL/wind: the American National Renewable Energy Laboratory provides clear basic information on technologies


RIAED: francophone website of the Reseau International de l'Acces aux Energies Durables with many articles on developments in solar and wind energy



Biogas installations, very practical examples see: 




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